The first post is always the hardest. There is a world of possibilities. What tone do I set? Do I speak in the first person or the third? What do I write about? I wonder what I should have for dinner..

So. Here is my first post. It is a photo of our dog, Loki. 


He is actually much bigger than the ball in the photo (there is a perspective thing happening). We will probably post a few photos/photo collections of him as this website evolves because he is very photogenic. He's even had his photo on the CBC website. It was a slow news day.

Now, what do we write about next?

September 25, 2014 loki

Jamie calls Hamilton, Ontario home. He spends his weekdays working for factor[e] design initiative making the internet a little more user friendly and the rest of his time with his special lady friend. He enjoys long walks on the beach and organizing things neatly.

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