Christmas Tree Stand

We got out first christmas tree this year. As we've never had one before, my task was to come up with a way to make it stand up. 

After sourcing some scrap wood from the basement and spending some time on the internet, I ended up with a pretty solid solution. 

I also found an awesome metal tub in the basement that Eva picked up antiquing.

The process

2014 12 07 13.52.15

Find some scrap wood and cut it into six equal lengths. Then cut two of those lengths in half. I used 1.5" wood screws to hold it all together.

2014 12 07 13.54.11

This is my initial mock-up. I ended up moving the legs in a bit so that the whole thing would fit in the metal tub.

2014 12 07 14.19.11

Here it is completely assembled. My drill ran out of power halfway through so I had to use 1.5" wood nails to hold the last few pieces together.

2014 12 07 14.19.23

To keep the tree in place I toyed with a few ideas and settled on four 3" bolts. I used one nut to tighten each of these on the trunk. 

The bolts were a little tricky to tighten because the nut was on the inside of the stand. I think next time I will set this up a little differently. 

Don't forget to keep the tree straight or you'll have to redo it a few times. I'd suggest hiring an assistant to hold the tree in place.

The final product

2014 12 07 14.26.34

I'm really happy with the final result. 

The tree ended up entirely suspended so that the weight was resting on the stand above the water bucket. It helped that the tree was only 5 feet tall.


Fully decorated and lit. My photography skills could use some work, but we love out new tree.

December 11, 2014 home, christmas tree

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Ok, trying again.
Really like your tree - looks good.
So does your web site.

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