DIY Glass Bottle Cleaner

If you've ever needed to clean labels from jars, you'll know how much of a pain it can be.

I've used GooGone, but I find it sometimes lacking. Also, the fact that it doesn't list ingredients and has all kinds of warnings has always made me a little nervous. 

I found this solution on The Creek Line House and it worked like a charm.


  • 1 part Baking Soda
  • 1 part Oil (I used vegetable)


  1. Mix it up into a paste.
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What to do with it

  1. Soak and scrape as much of the label off as you can.
  2. Spread the paste all over the offending goo.
  3. Let it soak. We went shopping halfway through my bottle cleaning adventure so it was about 2 hours before I got back to scrubbing. I don't think it needs to soak that long.
  4. Scrub the label with a rough dish scrubber or a stiff brush. The baking soda helps a lot with the scrubbing.
  5. Wash the residue off with dish soap and admire your reflection.
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2014 12 14 15.15.59
2014 12 14 17.55.50

December 13, 2014 glass, cleaner

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