Game of Thrones Themed Cake

Here is the most recent Game of Thrones themed cake for the season six premiere. I tried to recreate the scene from Season Four when Bran arrives at the cave of the three-eyed raven beneath the Weirwood tree and all those crazy skeleton creatures attack them. 

Tree above the cave

And so the cake looks like this: 

Img 20160427 194035

So still no recipe, this is just a brief "how-to" for inspiration and bragging rights. 

For the cake topper: I layered four different colours of chocolate moulding wafers to make the tree starting with milk, dark, white, then red. I pretty much winged it, except I drew a tree outline onto some parchment paper to guide the first layer. I made sure to make an extra long tab at the bottom so I could plant it into the cake. Then I made the creatures out of white chocolate. 

For the cake: I made a simple vanilla cheesecake (recipe from the Joy of Cooking) and swirled in some pureed raspberries for "blood". 

To assemble: After the cake had fully cooled, I inserted the tree and creatures into the cake and sprinked the whole thing with coconut flakes for snow. Amazeballs. 

Pic 3282016151725

Not too proud of these little guys... But they add a certain "cute" factor to the whole thing. 

20160427 155617

April 28, 2016

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